Monday, 12 August 2013

It's been a while, but finally another adventure looms!

It's been a while since I've blogged, but with a new long awaited adventure looming, I find myself keen to log all the details of our adventures yet again!

I'm almost embarrassed to confess that caravanning adventures have been sadly lacking for the past two years, life, other commitments and circumstances have all endeavored to conspire against us. That's not to say we haven't had some amazing holiday experiences during the last two years, just not caravanning ones.  In fact there have been many a debate about the need and wisdom of actually keeping the van, and on several occasions I've even managed to convince Gary that it should go but somehow hes managed to re-convince me that it shouldn't, lol. So with van still part of our lives, we were determined to rekindle our love affair with our second home and what better than way than a trip to the Dordogne.

A trip to the Dordogne is something that has been on the cards for a few years, its an area yet undiscovered by us and watching the tv programme "Little England" over the dark cold winter sealed the deal. We find the planning nearly as much fun as the actual holiday so we set to finding that perfect site for us.

One of our non caravanning adventures had involved hiring a gite with a private pool, which kind of spoilt us, one thing for certain was that as it was just the two of us we did not a) require or b)desire a all singing,dancing kind of site. With a wish list of small, peaceful and quiet but with a pool we set to researching and planning.  It took a lot of work, many hours were spent pouring over campsites, reviews and forums but finally we came across Camping Belle Vue. Its a small site, 8 pitches, plus a caravan and tent for hire and run by a british couple who also run a restaurant on site, and best of all it had views over open country side and the Chateau of Hautefort. There were a few doubts about location, being a little bit north of the major sites of Dordogne but we decided that was a compromise we could live with for the benefit of the peace and quiet that the site should afford....time will tell but the reviews on Zoover and ukcampsite hopefully don't lie.

Well, no more time to dilly dally on here....i'm off to do some more prep and packing, we are off in three days time :)